About Me


My students know me as Ms. Lu, but you may call me Momo. The Petite Moon Bunny was established in April of 2023. This small business was born out of my interest and passion of curating my own personal collection of rocks, minerals, and crystals. I am based out of Los Angeles, and as you may already know, the cost of living is quite high here. I needed to look for other venues of income because teachers truly are underpaid. I had this crazy idea of starting out my own small business that would allow me to choose when I can work on top of my busy, full-time teaching schedule. 

Everyday after work, I would join in on crystal live sales to wind down and relax and ultimately found a wonderful community of people. So, I thought to myself: why not join and start my small business within this community? And so I did. 

How did "The Petite Moon Bunny" come about?

Petite comes from my short(er) stature at only 5' 2". 

Moon Bunny comes from two origins of thought:

The first one is my never-ending love for Sailor Moon. As you may already know, Sailor Moon is a story about a group of women, with super powers, who fights for love and justice. The main character's name is "Tsukino Usagi" or "the bunny of the moon" in Japanese. Plus, many of the characters are named after different gems and minerals, so that seed was already planted from a very early age. 

The second is in remembrance of my first ever beloved pet, a white bunny named "Bun Bun." She gave us 8 years of joy and memories. She was such a smart girl who definitely got her ways. 

Together, with these two thoughts in mind, I thought the name "The Petite Moon Bunny" was such a fitting and sentimental name for my very own first small business. 

That is how "The Petite Moon Bunny" was born. 

For the time being, I will be operating solely as a live sales only business due to time constraints working full-time. I hope that you will join me in this crazy but exciting adventure as a brand new small business owner. 

Thank you for your time and support!